Valdosta State University - Streetlamp Creative
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Valdosta State University

We love creating marketing campaigns – taking our ideas and adjusting them to resonate over a variety of mediums. It’s like watching a flower open to full bloom. Valdosta State University came to us requesting help with their awareness and enrollment. Our marketing campaign created a new excitement not only with prospective students but also with parents, current students, alumni, staff, and faculty.


Enrollment inched up that first year. The second year, it leapt.


  • Interviewed and conducted focus groups with students, parents, professors, college counselors, and alumni.
  • Analyzing the findings and shared key insights with VSU team
  • Designed an awareness campaign called “IGNITE!” that spread like wildfire
  • Created web content, digital ads, and inter-department collateral as part of IGNITE campaign
  • Utilized some traditional methods of advertising for the IGNITE campaign, including targeted publications, direct mail,  TV and billboards ads, and banners for conferences and in high school stadiums. We even wrote a cheer for VSU’s football team.
I had no idea this was such a beautiful place...What a great college town...VSU is HOW close to the beach?!

-Prospective VSU students after our IGNITE campaign

You guys turned us upside down, which was exactly what we needed and we ended up with a very ‘ownable' institutional identity and creative campaign that drove enrollment. And on top of that, you worked diligently to get all the varied constituents moving in the same direction…no small task!

-Mary Gooding, VSU’s Director of Marketing

Branding, Graphic Design, Project Management