StrayFIT - Streetlamp Creative
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Anthony Strayhorn is a holistic fitness, lifestyle, and mindfulness coach. Through his Atlanta-based business, StrayFIT, his goal is to be a source of authentic expression, abundant love, gratitude, courage, empathy, and dynamic flow. Streetlamp Creative has worked with StrayFIT on an ongoing basis since spring 2019. Our work has included:


  • Consulted on general marketing strategies and goals
  • Rewrote and redesigned digital e-book, Your One-Week Guide to Vegan Wellness
  • Rewrote and redesigned presentations (Google Slides) on topics related to mindful fitness and health
  • Wrote, designed, and sent/uploaded e-newsletters (MailChimp) and blog posts
  • Website redesign, image sourcing, copywriting, and periodic updates (Wix)
Branding, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Web Design